CopyRight Rocks! Fast, Professional, and Smart. I had a special printing request where I needed color pages printed to standard 9x11 tab stock paper. Two weeks prior to the due date, I took an example page (that I mocked up with a plain folder and an 8.5x11 sticker printed with the color copy). The Kinkos rep clearly saw the end product and stated they could complete the job in 24 hours. After a few hours of talk and fussing and a $250 quote, Kinkos realized they couldn't do the job. I was left scrambling for someone who could. Turns out it's a tricky problem and after calls to around 15 printing companies, only CopyRight felt they could complete the job. In 16 hours turn around, starting at 3 in the afternoon, CopyRight delivered an amazing product, creatively completed, and with all the details correct. I would recommend their services without reservation.