Your materials speak volumes about your business, and it isn’t just about the words within. How you bind things can make a huge difference, both in terms of functionality and style. Do you want the pages to open flat? Does plastic fit the vibe, or do you need wire-bound? Silver or black? Take a look at our photo gallery to see the binding options you can select. Also below is a list of other bindery services we offer. We produce everything in-house, for better control over the process and faster turnaround times. Whatever your preference, with our expertise, your project is bound for greatness.



Bi-fold, tri-fold, accordion-fold, and more. Unlike in poker, we’re always happy to fold.


Some materials require hand-assembly, which we do with an eye for accuracy, aesthetic and neatness.


Whether it’s a standard 3-hole punch or a custom configuration, we know the drill.


Take any form or document and make it into a notepad.


Sometimes card stock needs a nice, clean fold. That’s where scoring comes in. When we score, everybody wins.


Need a detachable, returnable postcard on your brochure or maybe a tear-out sheet? No problem.


We have latest cutting equipment on site, and we can also do custom die-cuts.


Bring us your menus, your licenses, your ID badges and more. We can usually turn around small projects while you wait.

Foam mounting

Need presentation boards? We can mount them on foam board for you, and unlike some of our competitors, we won’t charge you an arm and a leg, either.

Shrink wrapping

Shrink wrapping is a convenient way to bundle a finished job for storage or distribution.

Pieces that go into bindery are complex. Use our graphic design services to help make sure you have an accurate and beautiful result. sagittis faucibus elit, nec lobortis augue fringilla sed. Donec aliquam, mi in varius interdum, ante metus facilisis urna, in faucibus erat ex nec lectus. Cras tempus tincidunt purus, eu vehicula ante. Duis cursus vestibulum lorem.